Science is always changing and growing, that’s why I’ll be posting update when I come to a new idea.

The other day when I was making dish soap, I didn’t have any lemonade powder or citric acid. So, I used lemon juice instead. It seemed to work even better than the powder. Now there are three alternatives for this recipe. The lemonade powder, when heated, turned the dish soap orange. However the lemon juice stayed yellow.



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A Practical Guide To Natural Cleaning

A Practical Guide to Natural Cleaning

Here is a virtual copy of my guide. If you would like a copy for yourself, email me at this address- myguidetonaturalcleaning@gmail.com – and I can send you a PDF file.

Chemical Cleaners Turned Natural

     If you use a cleaner that I didn’t mention in my guide, that’s loaded with chemicals, but you’d like to know if there is a natural alternative, please comment here. I’ll create a chemical ingredient list for that product with the names, uses, and alternatives for each. Using what I know about what that product is supposed to accomplish, I’ll try out some recipe ideas. When I have one that works, I’ll write the finished recipe with instructions and an ingredient list with prices and places. After I’m finished I’ll post it on the updates page for all to see.

Natural Cleaning

For My Silver Award Project For Girl Scouts, I’ve created a guide to natural cleaning. This blog is all about it. I’ll be posting updates on other ways to banish chemicals from our cleaning habits. There will also be a place to ask questions about what you have read. On my blog, I’ll include a virtual copy of my guide so more people can read it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

                          Be Nice To Nature- Keep Water Non-Toxic For Those Who Need To Drink It